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BurglarySecurity cameras and home security systems are undoubtedly the first two things that pop into your mind when you think about DIY home security solutions to protect your home against burglary and home invasion.

But here’s the problem: The typical burglar takes only 8 minutes to get inside, take what he wants and leave. How long do you think it takes your local police department to respond to a call from your alarm company? More than 8 minutes, that’s for sure–especially with all the false alarms that happen.

Meanwhile, it’s extremely easy for a burglar to get inside your home. Using a bump key, he can enter 95% of the homes in the US. Even easier, he can just kick in the door–the vast majority of entry doors in this country could not stand up to more than one kick. And windows come with latches, not locks, which can be easily pried open.

There are over 2 million burglaries in this country per year. And over 500,000 of those are homes with home security systems! The average burglary costs the homeowner nearly $2000–never mind the blow to your peace of mind. Many people find it hard to sleep at night after a burglary, knowing that their home has been violated. And that’s not to mention the physical and psychological trauma of a home invasion.

Scary stuff.

Home security systems serve three purposes:

1. Provide a deterrent for anyone thinking about breaking into your home
2. Make a LOT of noise once they do break into your house
3. Notify the police that there’s a burglary taking place

One thing home security systems do NOT do: Stop burglars from getting inside your home.

The fact is, while security cameras and home security systems may be the first things you think of when it comes to protecting your home, they’re actually the last layer of defense. Don’t forget, neither the security cameras nor the home security systems come into play until the burglar has already entered your home! Doesn’t it make sense to stop them from getting inside in the first place?

I think so too.

DIY Home Security Solutions to Prevent Burglaries

What if I told you there are simple steps you can take to reduce the likelihood that the burglar will pick YOUR house? Or that it’s EASY to harden the target, making it as difficult as possible for the burglar to gain entry to your home?

To do this, you have to address deadbolts, bump keys, people who know how to pick a lock, reinforcing your entry doors, and securing windows–not to mention making sure your home security system and security cameras are set up correctly. Many alarm systems have huge holes burglars can exploit!

You’d have to spend countless hours to fully research every last piece of this puzzle, to make sure you’ve really thought of everything and made your home truly secure against burglaries and home invasions. And there’s no one centralized place that contains ALL of the information–until now. 

The DIY Home Security Manual

I spent MONTHS securing my own home, exploring every possible avenue and weakness–obsessing, frankly, about every possible way someone could get into my house. I knew my security cameras and home security system were not enough. Some of the information I was seeking proved almost impossible to find. There were a lot of dead ends and misinformation. But I finally whittled it all down to a complete and thorough DIY home security strategy. And now I’ve compiled all of this information into a comprehensive manual outlining every step as thoroughly as possible:

DIY Home Security Manual

DIY Home Security Manual

Now I’m making this information available to YOU. Read what others have said about the Home Security Manual:

My family and I have lived in a neighborhood with a low crime rate for years, and never gave much thought to home security until a string of nearby break-ins shattered our peace of mind. While researching home security, I came across The Home Security Manual.  I was amazed by Mr. Warner’s ability to cover the topic incredibly thoroughly while still keeping the information accessible to readers with little prior security knowledge.  Mr. Warner has done all the research so you don’t have to; this is the only home security manual you will ever need. –Ben T. from Boston, MA

Before reading the DIY Home Security Manual I didn’t realize how easy it was to break into most homes. I figured that by having an alarm system and a deadbolt lock on the door my home was safe from burglars. I now know how easily someone could get into my house… I think that every homeowner would benefit from the information in the Home Security Manual because it shows how to protect your home, your family, and your belongings from harm. –Katie R. from Glastonbury, CT

There’s so much information available to consumers and it’s SO nice to have someone put in all the work and research for you. The Home Security Manual provides expert advice on how to make your home more secure and explains why it recommends certain things and why you should avoid others. Do yourself a favor and pick this up and give it a read. The author offers a lot of sound advice and good examples in an easy-to-read format, and the clickable links DIRECTLY to the products he mentions is fantastic. Definitely worth it! –Jeff C from Vernon, CT

After my neighbors house was robbed… I started looking into security systems. Thankfully I found this home security manual. It showed me exactly how to keep my home safe and how to prevent burglars from getting in my house. If you’re looking for a security system or thinking about installing security cameras I highly recommend buying and reading this book first. The author gives you the blueprint to keep your home safe by showing you exactly how to fortify against “bump keys” and other sneaky tricks burglars use. Learning about the Bump Key alone was worth the cost of this book. –Mike F from Newington, CT

The DIY Home Security Manual is an e-book, so you can download it instantly and not have to wait for shipping. Having it as an e-book also means it’s loaded with clickable links to valuable resources online that will help you secure your home.

Here’s how the DIY Home Security Manual will help you secure YOUR home:

  • The first section outlines more than a dozen critical steps you must take to make your home less attractive to a burglar. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of your home ever being targeted in the first place.
  • Section two delves into every possible way you can harden the target. This manual will teach you how to deal with bump keys, and people who know how to pick a lock, how to secure windows, and covers loads of tips and tricks as well as several DIY home security solutions–making it extremely difficult for any burglar to get inside your home.
  • The third section addresses home security systems, elements that are critical to their operation, but not included with all the systems out there. It also covers essential strategies in deploying your door and window sensors, glass break detectors, and critical information regarding motion sensors–to make SURE if someone does manage to get inside your home, you’ll know it immediately, no matter how they get in.
  • Section four covers security cameras, and all the elements and strategies you need to make them maximally effective in your home security strategy. This gives you images of the crime to help police catch the burglars!

The information in this manual could save you thousands of dollars in the event of an actual break-in, and the peace of mind you’ll gain is priceless, knowing your family is safe from burglaries and home invasions. 

I could easily charge over $100 to $150 for this manual, but I want it to be accessible to as many people as possible. I’ve settled on a price of $34.95–but if you act now you can get this comprehensive home security manual for a price of only $19.95!

As a special bonus, I’m also going to include THREE additional items:

1. The Top 5 Ways Burglars Beat Home Security Systems–There are some common tricks burglars use to get around your home security system. Learn how to protect your home against these tactics!

2. Access to a Special Report providing a detailed analysis of 1000 actual burglaries–Reading how real burglars managed to penetrate the defenses of actual homes gives you valuable insight into your own home protection strategy.

3. One simple, cheap method of making your existing deadbolts BUMP-PROOF and PICK-PROOF! Most burglars enter through the door, just like you do. This one trick can protect against that!

Not only that, this manual comes with a 60-day, money back guarantee! If you’re not fully satisfied with the information in this manual, just contact me for a FULL REFUND!


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