Your Home Security System Isn’t Keeping the Burglar Out

Will 2014 Be The Year Your Home Is Burglarized?

It Doesn’t Have To Be. I’ve Discovered Ways To Halt Criminals Dead In Their Tracks And I’m Willing To Share These With You…

Home SecurityNo, having a home security system is not what’s keeping criminals out of your home. Security systems are the last line of defense. Each year there are over 2,000,0000 burglaries in the U.S., and, surprisingly over 500,000 of them are done to homes with security systems. But I will show you how to stop your home from being the next statistic by answering these questions.

  • Is your home attractive to thieves?
  • Would your home be easy to break into?
  • Do you really understand everything about your security systems?
  • Are security cameras placed strategically for maximum protection?

Home invasion is one of the most traumatizing things an individual or family can endure. Knowing your home has been violated causes physical, emotional, and psychological trauma that may never go away. In addition to the pillaged peace of mind, robbers can make off with around $2,000 of your personal belongings! Don’t let these low-life criminals take advantage of you.

Sadly, it’s extremely easy for burglars to gain access to your home.

Using a bump key, they can enter 95% of the homes in the U.S. If you’re away on vacation, thieves can simply kick in the door and take what they want. The vast majority of entry doors in this country could not stand up to more than one kick. Even worse, windows come with latches, not locks, and latches can easily be pried open.

I hate to be the one to tell you, but your home is not as secure as you may think.

Most people aren’t aware of how their home appears to criminals.

Keeping your home on the bottom of a robbers list is the first step to preventing a break-in, but how do you figure out how to do that?

What about current security?

How does anyone actually know how secure their deadbolts, key holes, doors and windows are?

Can’t you just trust the manufacturer?

It pains me to know that you can’t; furthermore, there are even critical things about your security system that the user manual won’t tell you about. So how can a person truly find all of this information without wasting time, energy and money? There’s never been one place or thing that contains ALL of the information necessary to properly protect your home—until now.

The Home Security Manual

Home Security Manual

I spent countless HOURS, DAYS and MONTHS securing my own home, exploring every possible flaw and weakness—obsessing about every potential way someone could gain unwanted entry into my house. My security cameras and security systems fell short of my expectations. The information I sought was near impossible to find. My path was filled with dead ends and a ton of misinformation, but I’ve finally whittled it all down to a completely thorough home security strategy. The Home Security Manual is comprehensive, but it is not too complex. It outlines easy steps that anyone can utilize to ensure their home is as safe as possible.

Now you might be asking yourself a number of questions:

  • How do I know the Home Security Manual is accurate and worth reading?
  • Isn’t my neighborhood safe enough?
  • I’ve taken safety precautions, so why wouldn’t my home be safe?

Well here’s what homeowners and owners of The Home Security Manual had to say:

“It wasn’t until my sister’s house was broken into that I gave some serious though into protecting my home. My husband and I have had security system since we’ve owned our house, and we’ve never felt insecure until my sister talked of how damaging the break in was for her. I never wanted anyone to have to suffer through what she suffered through. I immediately began researching solutions when I stumbled upon the Home Security Manual. I was surprised with how easy it was to find the information I was looking for. The tips and advice the author provides in this book is invaluable. I can rest secure now, knowing my home is as safe as it possibly could be. If only my sister had read the book.” –Sandra C. from Gaithersburg, MD

“I’ve always been skeptical when it comes to information that claims to keep me secure, so when I came across the Home Security Manual I assumed it would be riddled with holes or implausible solutions to problems I didn’t really have. But, after finishing the book and checking out the facts presented, I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t believe how many ways a robber had access to my home. The section on making my home less appealing to robbers was worth the money all by itself, but the fact that there is so much more in these pages makes the price so much more worth it. This book is the real deal and I wouldn’t trust anything else with my family’s security.” –Raymond K. from Seattle, WA

“My house was broken into when I was a child, and the psychological scars have never fully healed. Even after being married for 14 years I still felt my heart race with every barking dog in the neighborhood, and I felt short of breath every time I heard a creak coming from the basement. But all that is behind me now. I read the Home Security Manual and my peace of mind skyrocketed. Now I know how to keep my home off the robber’s list, how to ensure all of my security measures are as effective as possible, exactly how my security system works, and even where to place security cameras. I feel like my home is actually secure now. Thanks Mr. Warner.” –Kimberly L. from Cleveland, OH

“It wasn’t until I read the Home Security Manual that I realized how insecure my home really was. I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but the author reminded me how that doesn’t necessarily matter. Robberies can happen anywhere, but after reading the book I’m confident that I have made my home as impenetrable as possible. If a thief still decides to attempt to enter my house without an invitation, the book has helped me make my house the absolute hardest crime the robber has ever tried to commit.” –Mark J. from Bealeton, VA

The proof is in the review folks. This book is valued at well over $140, but I think everyone deserves to have a secure home. Retail price is $59, but act now and claim the comprehensive Home Security Manual for only $34.95!

Don’t wait! Demand is going up and prices will too.

The saved money, time and heartache, are enough reasons to purchase the Home Security Manual, but if you buy now you also can take advantage of a number of other key benefits.

  • In this exclusive offer I’m also giving away three FREE additional items.

o  The Top 5 Ways Burglars Beat Home Security Systems. There are some common tricks burglars use to get around your home security system. Learn how to protect your home against these tactics!

o  Access to a Special Report providing a detailed analysis of 1000 actual burglaries. Reading how real burglars managed to penetrate the defenses of actual homes gives you valuable insight into your own home protection strategy.

o  One simple and cheap method of making your existing deadbolts BUMP-PROOF and PICK-PROOF! Most burglars enter through the door, just like you do. This one trick can protect against that!

  • E-book format, allowing you to download the Home Security Manual instantly and start securing your home immediately. I know how valuable your time is, and the Home Security Manual’s e-book format also allows you to click on the numerous, valuable links found inside, instantaneously taking you to the resource so you don’t have to go searching for yourself.
  • User-friendly layout that is broken into 4 simple-to-read sections for easy referencing.

o   Section One outlines more than a dozen critical steps you must take to make your home less attractive to a burglar. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of your home ever being targeted in the first place.

o   Section two delves into every possible way you can make your home an excruciating chore for a robber to invade. This manual will teach you how to deal with bump keys (and people who know how to pick a lock), how to secure windows, and it also covers loads of tips and tricks, including DIY home security solutions that will make your home painstakingly difficult to break in to.

o   Section Three addresses everything you need to know about home security systems, including the elements that are critical to their operation but are not included with all the user manuals and guides out there. It also covers essential strategies in deploying your door and window sensors, glass-break detectors, and critical information regarding motion sensors. This section makes SURE if someone does manage to get inside your home, you’ll know it immediately, no matter how they get in.

o   Section four covers security cameras and all the elements and strategies you need to make them extremely effective in your home security strategy. Proper camera place provides images of the crime so the police can catch the burglars!

  • 60-day, money back guarantee! If you’re not fully satisfied with the information in this manual, just contact me for a FULL REFUND!

Don’t delay and become a part of the over 2,000,000 Americans who suffer from home invasions every year. Order now and claim the Home Security Manual for only $34.95!

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